Sign up for one or more of these Local Missions projects and receive a periodic email from FaithWorks Network notifying you of the who, what, when and where of these opportunities in our community:

: Weekdays The Waterfront Rescue Mission and Loaves and Fishes Ministry needs local missionaries to assist in their feeding of the homeless who are staying at the Mission and others who attend. This is a great activity to do with the children and grandchildren.

FAITHWORKS INTERFAITH MINISTRIES NETWORK, INC. is recruiting local missionaries for community-wide projects that bring together other local missionaries from other local faith-based institutions to work together among the poor, the disabled and the elderly in our community. Local missions projects include: repairing and painting blocks of homes in low-income neighborhoods, organizing games, events and having fellowship with orphaned children, collecting canned food for local food pantries, cleaning up roadway litter, responding to immediate needs in the community and regional disasters, reading to, tutoring and mentoring low income children and their parents, cleaning up local public parks, playgrounds and neighborhood cemeteries, visiting local nursing homes, group homes, retirement villages, long term disaster recovery, delivering hot meals to shut-ins on holidays and participating in other large service projects that benefit our community.

COMMUNITY GARDENS are being established all over our community and local missionaries are needed to assist in this ministry. A portion of the food raised in the Community Garden will be donated by the poor in our community. If your neighborhhood or church campus has vacant property where a Community Garden can be established, please give FaithWorks a call at 850-832-3014 for more details

FOOD MINISTRIES needs local missionaries to assist in the distribution of pre-ordered, discount grocery boxes the last Saturday of the month from 10:30 to 1:00 pm. Drivers are needed for delivery to home bound elderly and disabled customers. This is a great activity to do with the children and grandchildren.

ESCAROSA COALITION ON THE HOMELESSneeds help in assembling HOME BOXES that is given to individuals and their families who are coming out of prison, graduating from local residential rehab programs or coming from living on the streets and who are ready to set up housekeeping. Local missionaries visit local garage sales and flea markets looking for good deals on used, but in good shape, household items that are on the recommended list to go into the HOME BOX.




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    Once completed, call FaithWorks at 850-832-3014 for our pick up or your delivery to our distribution center.



    Everyday, local missionaries will be needed at the HOMELESS DAY RESOURCE CENTER, (HDRC) located on the campus of the new Waterfront Rescue Mission. Volunteers can assist case managers working with clients, fellowship and minister to the homeless, receive training in directing the poor to local community resources for needed assistance, help keep the facility and yards clean, conduct Bible study, launder clothes for the homeless who live on the streets, etc. all under the supervision of the local Waterfront Rescue Mission organization.


    BRIDGES OUT OF POVERTY & COMMUNITY CIRCLES MINISTRY:Receive professional training on proven methods to support local individuals and families who are desperately trying to move out of poverty into the middle class. Local missionaries, who are called Allies, work with an assigned, qualified family who may need general advice, independent living skills training, budgeting, assistance in setting short and long term personal goals, accountability, positive encouragement, and prayer. The family’s head of household serves as the Chair of the group that is called the Community Circle Team. A Community Circle Team meets monthly and Team Chairs meet weekly with each other over a meal in a self-help environment with a trained facilitator and child care. A 10-year Community Plan to reduce the number of families raising children in poverty by 50% by 2020 is being developed now.

    FEDERAL, STATE & PRIVATE GRANT WRITING MINISTRY: Assist local not for profit organizations in applying for grants to enhance and grow their local ministry to the poor, elderly and disabled. Grants are written for creating more affordable housing for low-income families and other special-needs populations, medical services for the poor, food for the hungry, job training for the able bodied, support for local homeless military veterans, hurricane mitigation funds to structurally strengthen homes in low income neighborhoods, educational grants for assisting teachers working in schools that have a high number of free lunch students, etc.

    PERSONAL INCOME TAX PREPARATION ASSISTANCE:Become certified to assist the elderly, disabled and the poor in the completion of their annual personal federal income tax return, making sure they are taking advantage of all eligible tax credits and deductions such as Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, etc. This assistance can increase their tax refunds by thousands of dollars. This additional money can then be used for their food needs, medical care, utilities, home repairs, child care, higher education, etc.

    HABITAT FOR HUMANITY MINISTRY:Join with others in our community to build new residential affordable homes for eligible families. Either working on the construction of the home or supporting those who do, local missionaries are needed to help shorten the time it takes to get a new home built and a new family moved in. Assistance is also needed in mentoring Habitat families.

    IDLE TIME MISSIONARY MINISTRY: Got a few hours you would like to invest in doing the Lord’s Work from time to time? Then sign up for our IDLE TIME MISSIONARY MINISTRY. With one telephone call or email from you, we can have you involved in a local mission’s project or an on-going ministry to the poor, in just minutes. You can be a part of creating, planning, organizing or implementing local mission projects during the day or at night, weekdays or on the weekend, 24/7/365, whenever you have some idle time.

    WILLING WORKERS MINISTRY: Are you a local employer/homeowner/contractor or property manager? Do you need day to day qualified workers or just someone for a couple hours to do a job? The Mission always has a number of qualified laborers ready, willing and able to work on any day of the week. (except Sundays). Payment for satisfactory work completed must be paid to the supervisor each day. Transportation to and from the work site may need to be provided, depending on the location of the job and the City bus stops. If you are not pleased with the worker’s performance, full reimbursement to you for daily wages paid will be made to you by FaithWorks InterFaith Ministries, Inc. (not for profit). For qualified willing worker(s) and/or FREE estimates call us.

    WILLING WORKERS MINISTRY SUPERVISORS/FOREMAN MINISTRY:Experienced supervisors and construction foremen are needed to help on-site management and day-to-day operations of employees working in various not for profit enterprises set up to employ the homeless, people coming out of rehab and jail who are wanting to re-establish themselves back in society and in their community. Volunteer one day a week or more and get reimbursed for travel expenses to and from the job.

    WORD ON THE STREET MINISTRY:We have many homeless people/families who are without housing living outside in the woods, who need personal grooming and hygiene items. This ministry packages together, in a Zip-lock bag, these types of items along with a hand written, encouraging card and a Word of Holy Scripture that is given out to guests who visit the various homeless shelters and dining locations. Enroll to be a part of this ministry as an individual, youth group or organization.

    GETTING OUT AND STAYING OUT OF PRISON MINISTRY:In cooperation with various local Coalition partners, help coordinate, create, organize and implement a comprehensive program linking inmates coming out of prison/jail to our local community’s resources including shelter, food medical care and work. Be a part of a faith based community system that helps people re-connect to their community while educating them on a new “way of thinking” that leads them to greater levels of self sufficiency.

    VISIT THE SICK MINISTRY: Visit people in their homes, the hospital and nursing homes who have no one to support them emotionally and spiritually during a time of sickness or terminal illness. You can prepare and/or deliver a meal, read them a book, enjoy a few minutes of fellowship and prayer together, fluff a pillow, take a pet for a walk, write a letter for them to a relative or friend, help get their affairs in order, etc. These are just a few of the many ways you can help those who have no one else to turn to during a time of sickness. When called on to serve, if you are unavailable, no problem, others in the ministry will be called on in a rotation basis.

    “MANGER CAMP” MINISTRY: Does your organization have a large parking lot or vacant piece of property on their campus? Space is needed to set up a temporary “Manger Camp” from time to time when the Waterfront Rescue Mission Emergency Shelter has no more room in the Inn. Close access to safe drinking water and restrooms is necessary to participate in this outreach ministry. Individuals will provide their own tents and sleeping linens. Maximum population at any one “Manger Camp” is 11 guest campers and 1 camp caretaker from the host church. An evening outside chapel service is required and tents are to be set up at sunset and must be taken down within 1 hour of sunrise. No food or coffee preparation is required. Guest campers must abide by “Manger Camp” rules and regulations. Daily clean-up will be provided by guest campers themselves and/or FaithWorks volunteers, leaving nothing behind except the memories of providing hope and temporary shelter to those who are temporarily homeless in our community. If your local place of worship or organization has an idea for a “community service to others” project where local Missionaries can serve, please give us a call.

    FOR MORE INFORMATION on how you can Serve God by Helping Others through these and other local missions outreach projects involving you, your family, your religion class, Small Group or civic organization, contact FaithWorks InterFaith Ministries Network, Inc. (not for profit) at info@faithworksnetwork.com or call us at 850-832-3014.

    MOBILE SHOWERS & LAUNDRY TRAILER MINISTRY:Join with others in designing, constructing and operating a mobile shower and laundry trailer to be used weekly by the homeless living on the streets in Pensacola/Milton/Navarre and on call to respond with the American Red Cross to local and regional disasters. Local missionaries are needed to get ready to respond to the needs locally and in the region.